No experience is necessary. Our specialty is introducing the sport of riding to anyone interested in trying!

We offer 30 minute horse experience classes for ages 3 to 6. Our hour long classes are for ages 6 & up. We stress safety at all times and we never forget that we are working with 800-1000 lb animals.

All beginner riders must wear long pants and heeled boots. If, after several lessons, you have chosen to continue riding then we recommend that you purchase breeches, riding boots, a helmet, gloves, and possibly spurs.

You do need to come dressed in long pants and heeled boots in order to ride. We have helmets available for you to use. We do recommend that you purchase your own helmet, riding breeches and paddock boots once you know that you are going to stick with your lessons.

We recommend the following helmet:
Ovation® Protégé Helmet

We usually have 3-5 lesson horses available for riding lessons. Not every horse suits every rider. Generally, we have horses best suited for small riders and some that are better for our intermediate to advanced riders. Most of our students who stick with the program will advance up the levels and get to ride every horse available, depending on age/skill level.

We specialize in private lessons, as that is our preferred way to teach beginner riders. However, once a rider is capable of walking and trotting on their horse safely around the arena, we sometimes offer group lessons. We leave this to the instructor’s preference. Availability, make ups and weather are the biggest reasons we might utilize group lessons instead of private lessons.

We usually offer a beginner-friendly horse camp and an advanced horse camp. Anyone ages 5 and up can join the beginner camp, and our advanced camp is for those who have been riding long enough to have an established seat and control over their horse at the walk/trot.

We have a liability release form and a rider registration form that every rider needs to have on file.
Those can be found on our Policies, Forms, & Fees page.

We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. This is the only way we can do business fairly for our horses, riders and instructors. We take great care in creating the week’s schedule to make sure every rider has the appropriate horse and instructor. We also try our best to let you know if anything comes up on our end. We will never charge you if we have to cancel on you for any reason.

All lessons are required to go through Acuity by Squarespace. Please use the “Book Lesson” tab at the top right. Other services can be paid for by check, cash, or Zelle.