Lesson Horses

Bint Dunasera

Sera has been the leading lady of CLF for several years now. She is who we start almost every rider on. She loves to jog slow and be lazy. She’s a great longe line horse for almost anyone. If she does go to a horse show, she is even more perfect than she is at home because she loves being dolled up! Every now and then she sees ghosts but as she gets older, she sees fewer of them…

CL Remember Me

Remy is best suited for Hunter Pleasure, Equitation, and Sport Horse. She may be young, but she’s very kind and is suitable for the beginner rider who’s ready to advance.

Basically Famous

Famous is a retired reining horse and has been in our lesson program for several years now. He’s Half-Arabian/Half-Quarter Horse. He’s sometimes perfect and sometimes challenging. We don’t always know which Famous we are going to get, but he makes each rider step up their game and once they figure out how to make him mind, he has a heart of gold. He has taken many beginners to their first show!

CL Last Call

Maizy is still green but she is getting ready to be a great partner for those looking to advance their skills in horsemanship and she looks to be a fun dressage prospect.

EVG Jericho+

Rico is a retired show horse who has been a National Top Ten winner in Equitation for his loving owner Samantha Crosmer. He is a great horse for those looking to advance their riding skills. He’s sweet as can be and loves his kids. He’s a great horse to learn to canter on as he has more “go” than some others.

CL Sweet Escape

This tall and proven national winner in the Country English Pleasure division is getting ready to become a saddle seat lesson horse for those looking to try it!

Gala’s Princess+/

Princess is a Reserve National Champion and is best suited for Sport Horse and Hunter Pleasure. She’s a very versatile mare and an excellent addition to our lesson program!

Meet Jake From State Farm

Jake is our go to mount for our littles or those just learning to ride. He’s an older teenage Azteca gelding and helps our riders learn their basics.


This National quality Hunter Pleasure mare is suitable for riders of any level.