Horse Training

Looking to get your horse started the right way? Slow and steady with correct basics? The trainers of CLF want to help you get your horse started with solid fundamentals and help you get the correct responses from them. We specialize in the training and showing of Arabian horses, but we offer training for any breed. We encourage owners to take an active role in their horse’s care, so please come by and see your horse anytime! We strive for a consistent schedule for the horses in the program so they know what to expect. Regular training and exercise allow them to get strong and have endurance, but they also get playtime in turn out.

We also believe in “cross training” so our show horses often get to take part in other activities, other than just in their regular disciplines. We often bring out poles and small jumps, and let them stretch their necks and topline, etc… We’ve found that this helps keep their minds fresh, and their bodies strong and limber.


Hunter Pleasure

Country English Pleasure

Native Costume

Sport Horse

Saddle Seat Equitation

Hunter Seat Equitation

Western Pleasure



Halter & In-Hand

Show Hack

Side Saddle


Local Shows
Several one-day schooling (practice) shows are available throughout the year. They are reasonably priced and are a great way to get your first experience or work on new divisions.

Class A Shows
These shows are recognized by the United States Equestrian Federation. Riders can earn points at these shows to qualify for regional or national championship shows. A larger financial commitment is involved because the horse will be living at the facility anywhere from several days to several weeks, depending on the length of the show. It is recommended that a rider show at the local level several times before showing at this level.

Regional Championship Shows
There are a few regional shows within a day’s drive that we attend every year. Every rider and horse must qualify before they are able to enter this type of show. It is recommended that a rider show at the Class A level at least a few times before showing at this level.

National Championship Shows
These shows are held annually and they are the highest level of competition.

Policies, Forms, & Fees