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Canyon Lake Farm is currently looking for another qualified instructor to join our team. Please contact Tracy for more information about this opportunity.
Our philosophy in instructing is to accentuate the positive. At CLF, we have found that riders learn faster when they are told what they are doing right, with positive encouragement and explanations always given as to how and why something should be done. If riders keep working hard, they will succeed! The skills learned both on and around the horses will help both kids and adults in many ways. Children learn how to set goals, win and lose gracefully, overcome personal obstacles and much more. Riding helps adults get active again, relieve work stress and enjoy the bond with the animal. Every rider is different and that is what we love about our jobs at CLF! 
Total horsemanship is not something that can be learned in just a few lessons – time and consistency is what produces good riders and good horsemen. Every student that comes through this barn will learn how to properly handle his or her horse, groom, tack and ride. This is not a barn where everything is done for you. You or your child will learn to work confidently around horses. 

Tracy Fincher

Head Trainer & Instructor
Canyon Lake Farm

Canyon Lake Farm was opened in 2006 by nationally titled rider, Tracy Fincher. Her goal was to introduce new riders to the wonderful Arabian breed and to create champion horse and rider combinations. Her focus has always been on equitation, proper horsemanship and giving riders a solid foundation that will last a lifetime. Tracy has a unique ability to communicate with riders of all ages and never gives up on anyone.

Tracy grew up in San Diego and began riding Arabian horses at the age of 10. She showed successfully with her horses for many years, and at the age of 19 she earned her first national championship in the Open Show Hack class, among many well known and accomplished trainers. She attributes her success to her very supportive parents and her childhood trainer who never gave up on her. It took a lot of hard work to achieve all the big dreams she had – and she did!

Tracy completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Equine Science in 2004. She has experience as an Equine Vet Technician, as well as in Equestrian Management. One of Tracy’s very first students achieved a national championship in 2008, with several others following in her footsteps ever since.

Other Trainers

Kandice Watts

KW Riding Lessons
Specializing in Beginner Riding Lessons
(310) 909-6802