Riding Academy

Our instructors are dedicated to introducing people of all ages to horseback riding and horsemanship in a safe and structured environment through our CLF Riding Academy. Students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of horse care. We want to give you the whole package: riding lessons, knowledge about horse care and the skills to go as far in your riding career as you can dream. Riders will learn compassion, respect and patience – lessons to last a lifetime! Many programs are available throughout the year to help facilitate this goal.

Every rider starts out with private lessons. We offer 1 hour lessons for riders ages 6 and up, and 30 minute Horse Experience classes for riders ages 3 to 6. Each lesson covers how to handle the horse, as well as how to groom and tack up the horse. The riding portion lasts approximately 30 minutes (for 1 hour lessons) and 15 minutes (for the 30 minute classes). Our goal is to teach riders basic control, steering, and how to maintain the correct balanced position, going through a series of exercises to achieve this. Each lesson builds on the last and we move forward at a rate that is best for each rider.

Once a rider can properly groom, tack and ride unassisted at the walk and trot, we allow them to take part in small semi-private group lessons, if they wish. Ride times for group lessons are typically between 30 to 45 minutes. Riders should be able to have their horse groomed, tacked up and ready at the ride-time arranged with the instructor.

View our calendar for each instructor’s availability. If you have any questions or requests please reach out!

We recommend that our riders purchase the following helmet:
Ovation® Protégé Helmet

Lessons & Classes

Introductory Lesson | $65 
This is your chance to explore our program, meet the instructors and horses, get a chance to ride and see how it all works. We can evaluate your skills and recommend which lesson type best fits your needs according to your goals and availability. This is a one-hour private session.

Horse Skills Clinic | $65 
This class is held in a group setting for our beginner through intermediate riders. We cover horse care, riding and other unmounted skills. This class can be available as a make-up with your appropriate 24 hour email cancellation (limit 1 per month), or as a class to hold you on our wait list for private lessons.

Group Skills Clinic | $50 
Come join our group horse introductory class, offered on select Wednesdays and Saturdays. Learn about horses, get hands-on horse experience, basic riding and unmounted skills taught. This class is included in both our Red and Gold Memberships in addition to riding lessons. This is also a great way to get introduced to horses and learn some ground work skills.

Young Rider Horse Experience Class | $55 
We love to teach the younger ones our love of horses! Get hands-on experience grooming and riding. For riders 6 & under.

Private Lesson 
This private lesson is geared towards beginners who need to work on their position, steering and unmounted skills so they can graduate to our semi-private lessons. This lesson is also available for riders who have certain skills they wish to work on prior to competition. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled time to help groom/tack your horse.
* Must be enrolled in our recurring membership program and be approved by CLF to join.

Private or Semi–Private Lesson (w/ your horse) 
Have your own horse? You can sign up with us as well! Want to haul in? We do that too!

A La Carte Private or Couples Lesson
Want to ride just for fun and not on a fixed schedule? We have a private 1 hour lesson or possible 2 person lesson available for couples/friends.

Intro to Horses & Riding Course | $480 
This course consists of 8 lessons. It’s held in a small group environment and is designed to teach the basics of horse handling, horse care and riding. Get your child started right! Students who graduate from this program will learn the necessary skills to move up the levels.
Classes available on Tuesdays and Saturdays from April to June. Visit the Book Lesson page to reserve your spot!
* Due to very limited private classes available, this course will be offered to children under 18 wanting to join our program. Riders may join mid-program upon availability (in which case the course will be prorated).

Monthly Memberships

Gold Membership | $500/month
Get access to 8 classes, plus 2 Skills classes per month.

Red Membership | $260/month
Get access to 1 class, plus 1 Skills class per month.

Black Membership | $130/month
For the occasional rider… Get access to 2 classes per month.

Young Rider Horse Experience Membership | $200/month
Get access to 4 30-minute classes per month. For riders 6 & under.

Riding Levels

Level 1 | Beginner Rider
Just learning position, steering and cues.

Level 2 | Advanced-Beginner Rider
Can maintain position at walk/trot and can steer horse with other riders in the ring.

Level 3 | Intermediate Rider
Can maintain position at walk, posting trot and sitting trot.

Level 4 | Advanced-Intermediate Rider
Can maintain position at walk, posting trot, sitting trot and canter.

Once a rider reaches the intermediate skill level, they are eligible for our Academy Show Team programs. If a rider is interested in showing, we encourage them to tell their instructor as soon as possible. We will then try to match them with the lesson horse they work best with, choose a local show to attend and work on lessons to prepare for it.

Lesson Scheduling & Availability

Please note, Saturday and Sunday are our busiest days. We are closed on Mondays. Weekday lessons are available Tuesday through Friday.

Lessons can be booked through our website. If you have any special requests or have purchased a class and don’t see availability on our current calendar, please reach out to us via email and we will try our best to accommodate you. Additionally, if you have a membership and would like to commit to the same time/day each week, we can send you private links to accommodate this request.

Charter Schools

CLF is proud to be an official vendor of Granite Mountain Charter School, Mission Vista Academy and Sage Oak Charter School.

Single Lesson | $70 (1 hour)
Private or semi-private lesson

Monthly Package | $240 (4 lessons)
4 1-hour private or small group lessons

Day Camp | $75 (3 hours)
Horse camps held in fall, winter and spring

Policies, Forms, & Fees