Riding Academy

At CLF, instructors are dedicated to introducing people of all ages to horseback riding and horsemanship in a safe and structured environment. Our CLF Riding Academy does exactly that. Students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of horse care. We want to give you the whole package: riding lessons, knowledge about horse care and the skills to go as far in your riding career as you can dream. Riders will learn compassion, respect and patience – lessons to last a lifetime! Many programs are available throughout the year to help facilitate this goal.

Every rider starts out with private lessons. We offer 1 hour lessons for riders ages 5 and up, and a 30 minute Horse Experience class for riders ages 3 to 4. Each lesson covers how to handle the horse, as well as how to groom and tack up the horse. The riding portion lasts approximately 30 minutes (for 1 hour lessons) and 15 minutes (for the 30 minute classes). Our goal is to teach riders basic control, steering, and how to maintain the correct balanced position, going through a series of exercises to achieve this. Each lesson builds on the last and we move forward at a rate that is best for each rider.

Once a rider can properly groom, tack and ride unassisted at the walk and trot, we allow them to take part in small semi-private group lessons, if they wish. Ride times for group lessons are typically between 30 to 45 minutes. Riders should be able to have their horse groomed, tacked up and ready at the ride-time arranged with the instructor.

Individual Lessons

Private Lesson | 60 minutes | $55
Includes grooming, tacking, riding, and un-tacking. These lessons are appropriate for riders 6+ years of age and of any skill level.

Young Rider Experience | 30 minutes | $45
This private lesson includes grooming, tacking, and riding. For riders who are 3 to 5 years old.

Lesson Packages

Monthly Membership – Package I | $210
4 private or semi-private lessons per month | 60 to 90 minutes
Ride once per week (on the same day & at the same time). For riders 6+ years of age.

Monthly Membership – Package II | $400
8 private or semi-private lessons per month | 60 to 90 minutes
Ride twice per week (on the same days & at the same times). For riders 6+ years of age.

Young Rider Monthly Membership | $170
8 private or semi-private lessons per month | 30 to 60 minutes
Ride twice per week (on the same days & at the same times). For riders who are 3 to 5 years old.

Monthly Horse Course | $150
4 group lessons | 60 to 90 minutes
This weekly group class is geared towards teaching unmounted horsemanship skills.

Please note, your credit card will be charged the 1st of each month for those who purchase packages. No refunds. Make-ups are only provided if CLF cancels. FLEX Days are reserved for make-ups each month. Please give 14 days email notice to cancel or change your program. No refunds or credits – no exceptions. We will issue a $10 discount if you pay with cash the week before invoices are due.

Riding Levels

Level 1 | Beginner Rider
Just learning position, steering and cues.

Level 2 | Advanced-Beginner Rider
Can maintain position at walk/trot and can steer horse with other riders in the ring.

Level 3 | Intermediate Rider
Can maintain position at walk, posting trot and sitting trot.

Level 4 | Advanced-Intermediate Rider
Can maintain position at walk, posting trot, sitting trot and canter.

Once a rider reaches the intermediate skill level, they are eligible for our Academy Show Team programs. If a rider is interested in showing, we encourage them to tell their instructor as soon as possible. We will then try to match them with the lesson horse they work best with, choose a local show to attend and work on lessons to prepare for it.

Policies, Forms, & Fees